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FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
, we have to talk about that. what do families need to be aware of immediately with the fiscal cliff? we mentioned our paychecks in the intro. >> well, if we go sailing over that fiscal cliff and nothing is done, in the next few weeks you could see a smaller paycheck, depending upon how your withholdings are handled. there are so many things you need to look at as far as your income taxes. the lowest income category could be hit the hardest. that 10% tax bracket goes away all together. so the poor insist of the poor could really take a hit. so it's really time to sit down, look at your situation, start planning, don't panic. and hopefully some sort of deal will be worked out in the final hours. >> heather: plan to have a little less money in your pocketbook. what other factors do we need to consider beyond taxes in our paychecks? >> we've talked a lot about long-term capital gains. that's something you need to be aware of. any sort of gains on dividends is something you'll need to look at in 2013. we've also talked about the alternative minimum tax. you've been hearing about the amt. this is something that came into play in 1969 to make sure that the rich, if you will, played their fair share of
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am PST
cliff. >> kelly: but to mark's point, angela, senator mitch mcconnell is known for having good brinksmanship and getting it deal done. >> we're on the brink. >> that's what i said earlier in the interview, we're going to get a deal done, it's going to be because of mitch mcconnell and boehner working with the democrats that we don't go over the fiscal cliff, however, republicans are going to have to acquiesce, we will have some tax hikes, i think probably 750,000 and above i think that's the number, but what republicans are holding back the debt ceiling debate and cutti cutti cutting entitlement programs and they're going to use that later in the year. >> kelly: mark, the final word. >> if angela's prediction sort of come through-- and i hope it does, the republicans and senate negotiate, and republicans and congress will be responsible for the largest tax increst on all americans in modern american history and that would be unfortunate and soon talk about obama tax cuts when we talk about the middle class america. >> kelly: and the 113th congress coming into office in january. and angela and mark, thank you for sharing insig
FOX News
Dec 30, 2012 8:00am PST
below $200 billion, then we can have -- instead of a fiscal cliff, a gradual slope so that, like a skier on a bunny slope, our economy -- which is fragile -- will continue to accelterate. then, what has to be done, is step back, as brad noted and say that simpson-bowles gave us a good outline. $1 of revenue for every $2 of tax cuts. we have to have the political courage in washington, d.c. to make this work for americans? >> how come we don't have that political courage? >> well, i don't know. you know, my take is that having been in the navy, the thing we most value wasn't responsibility, it was accountability for those whom you are responsible, willing to lose your job over doing what's right for them -- many people want the authority, want the responsibility, but they are not worried to step up and do a principled compromise whether they can't have it all their way and say this is what's needed to be done. frankly, they don't generate the political will -- on either side. i think that the president, speaker boehner came close, twice, but they have to do it all the way and be the bane of the respective base fist they have to do to what's needed for america. >> eric: brad, the investors business d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3